Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Harriers Dominate Moose

Last Saturday was the annual Moose Mountain trails races. Each year, races are put on over 42.2k, 29k and 16k distances. The longer two actually go (almost) to the summit of Moose Mountain, whereas the 16k is a lap of the Telephone Loop.

BVH was well represented. Carl Pryce shifted his dominance of the 29k distance for the past few years up to the longer 42.2k distance and, as expected, took the title. I think his assessment at the end of the race was that it was a little too close for comfort given that this distance (the longest) had the closest winning margin of the day (3 minutes). No results yet but Carl's time was about 3:48 I think.

Blaine Penny continued his recent stellar form to take the 29k title with ease. His time of 2:17 is one of the quickest since Ken Myers rane 2:09 about 6 years ago and Blaine looked easy doing it. "I think I slowed down a bit in the last few miles" said perfectionist Penny after the race.

Duncan Marsden took the 16k title in 62 minutes and was kept company by Jody Draude for much of the event. Draude was doing a tempo run in heavy shoes (in preparation for the Chicago marathon in a few weeks) and even went the wrong way in the last mile (losing about 2 minutes) all in an attempt to make Marsden look better. It didn't affect his position, though, as Draude finished second overall and first Masters competitor. It's safe to say, though, Jody enjoyed himself immensely in those woods.

I make that 4 runners, 4 winners. Nice.

Penny, Pryce and Marsden are running 100k on September 18 (from Lake Louise to Banff) to help raise awareness and funds for a charity called MitoCanada. Anyone wanting to donate can do so here. Alternatively, come along and "run" the last 25k with us...

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