Monday, July 16, 2012

BVH 5k - July 2012

Unofficial Report by Scott Jensen

Here's what I can remember, but I could be off a bit:

1. "Captain" Morgan Titus - 16:16ish
2. Scott Jensen - 16:21
3. Travis "There are three types of people in the world - those who can count, and those who can't" Cummings - 16:29?
4. Jody "Slapping Beaver Tails" Draude - 16:35?
5. Blaine Penny - 16:45
6. Frank Woolstencroft - 16:59
7. Darcy Bell
8. Jeff Krar
9. Bob Banks
10. Kevin Lindland
11. Adam Kahtava

Ryan, when you're plotting these times make sure you take into account the limiting factors of wind, altitude, crowds, and distractions from the Bard and pretty girls.

Travis led most of the first two laps, but slowed dramatically at the end of lap two when he was struck by the twin disappointments of having to do another lap and realizing that he wasn't about to run the world's first sub-11 5k. Morgan took over from there and pulled away slightly on the last lap. Apparently I'm the only one who tapers for these races, as it sounds like everyone else was fitting this race in between morning, lunch, and evening runs!

Next race August 1st!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Salomon 4 Trails

So I'm p sure that the rule is that you're not allowed to be proud of good results if you can't face up to the bad ones. Remember when the wheels fell off Jeremy's wagon in Chicago? Well the same just happened to me but I had 2 mountain passes to negotiate in the remaining 11 miles. The 4 trails is a four day stage race in Germany and Austria. You run about 40k per day. This was to be my warm up for the TransAlps in a couple of months but with injury problems over the past 6 weeks and very little running, I decided that I'd just jog the first day of this as a try out. It was still 36k with three serious climbs. The first three miles were great and I led the whole thing and seriously thought I was going to get the top 3 without a problem. I was pushing up the hills, holding back and feeling good. By mile 7 I could barely walk the flats. By mile 14 I had cramps in both legs which hurt so much that I had to keep crouching to stretch them out. It took me 70 minutes to do the next 2 miles and my heart rate was an average of 178. By mile 18 I was throwing up. At the next aid station a doctor looked at me and took my blood pressure (which he said was "unter hundert") and pulled me from the race. How embarrassing. I could blame a lot of things but I'll never really know what went wrong. All I really know is that I got tamed.