Thursday, September 6, 2012

September 5k Results

Last night saw Ryan Twa establish himself as a dominant force on the 5k circuit with a maiden victory, a massive PB and a gun-to-tape win.  Twa staked his claim early on and pulled out a big gap over Blaine Penny in second, with the rest of the group (many of whom had done a 36k mountain run 2 days earlier) bunched behind.

On lap 2, Jeremy "I only turn up for the beer" Deere joined in to help pull Ryan to his ultra fast time and Jeff Krar joined in to help Blaine close the gap.  But the gap stayed and Ryan finished in a super fast 16.10.  Blaine was 2nd (17.03), Captain Morgan third.

The photos (with expert analysis from Bob Banks) should be here:!447