Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moose Mountain Trail Races

Last weekend saw the Harriers take on Moose Mountain yet again, this time in the annual trail races which are an exceptionally well-run event.  There are three distances (42k, 29k and 16k) and the Harriers had representation in all three.

Adam Kahtava showed endurance beyond his locks with a fine second place finish in the marathon.  Adam was only minutes behind the winner and was catching him by the end.  Just another half mile...

In the 29k Jody Draude took the title with ease and in a super fast time (about 2:14 - we are waiting to see if it is a course record).  Jody was sporting a manly cut on his cheek at the end of the race - it looked like a shaving cut but he maintained it was as a result of a tumble down the hill at some point in the previous two hours.  Carl Pryce was not far behind in second place.

In the 16k Duncan Marsden overcame a monumental lack of fitness to retain his title.

Good running by all. 

Don't forget the BVH 5k on September 5.  Scott's buying the beers (honestly!) 

Monday, August 20, 2012

The Big Weekend

This weekend was as special for the Harriers as Super Saturday for the Brits. 

It started with Blaine Penny defending his Canadian 50 mile title for the third year in a row.  An amazing performance.  This is what he had to say about it:

One of the toughest races of my life at Iron Legs 50 miler yesterday. It was 30 degrees, I had 2 bouts of diarrhea, stomach shut down at 40 km, puked at 50 km and unable to eat for the last 30 km, took a wrong turn at 60 km (added 3 extra k...
ms), got back on course only to go backwards :( and my worst bonk ever in the last 5 km.

I have to say I somehow found strength I never knew I had (thanks to Evan once again) and managed to keep running to cross the finish line. I defended my Iron Legs title for the 3rd year in a row (just barely) and am officially the 2012 50 MIle Canadian Ultra Marathon Champion. I think I am retiring from racing ultras after this one!

Many thanks to
Jamie Nott and his army of volunteers for a great race and looking after us in the heat. Special thanks to Tim Watson for hooking me up with an IV to pour some life back into me!

Also, huge contrats to
Phil Villeneuve and Simon Donato for setting a new course record in the relay.
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He'd swap it all for a win in the BVH 5k though.

Then on Sunday we had the Edmonton marathon.  Darcy went for a Sunday morning stroll and came home in 6th with a 2:45 posting.  Incredible.  Scott "I'll never do a marathon" Jensen (aka The Oracle) posted a 2:51 on virtually no long runs.  Great running guys.

Not to be upstaged, Frank (71.56), Jeremy (72.18) and Jody (74.38) put in a great showing in the half. I've promised not to mention that they all got "chicked" twice.   I reckon we must have won the team prize there.

A good weekend.

Friday, August 10, 2012

BVH Annual Trail run

Some videos from Blaine:

and Adam:   from last Monday's trail run.  The heavy-looking guy is Ryan...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

BVH 5k - August 2012

The hot weather brought out the crowds, flocking to see their favourite BVH stars battle it out over 5k.  At times the scene resembled the Tour de France with crowds on both sides pushing for a glimpse of Jensen or a flash of Twa and barely enough room for the runners to get through.  At least I think they were there to cheer us on and not to watch Shakespeare in the Park.  One lady in particular gave us all a warm glow when she encouraged us on with a shout of "Get off the public footpath!" 

The race had some quality in it.  A group  of 7 quickly got away and looked magnificent.  Entering the last lap this was down to 3 and with about 800m to go it was between Deere and Bickley.  One was clearly suffering more than the other.  Into the final straight they were still neck and neck (like that Chicago marathon - you know the one) until finally Bickley's 800m speed showed through and he pipped Deere to the post.  I will not ruin Ed's day by telling you which Bickley won.  (Although the phrase "Bickley sandwich" was used at the end to describe the race).

To the actors who had to compete with my bike bell and shouts of "Runners coming through": I doth apologise.  To the girls who spoke to us at the end: See you next time!  To the lady whom we apparently inconvenienced by all of half a second: Happy Christmas.  To anyone who wasn't there: Did I mention I'm going to the Olympics?

The results I managed to get were:

1.  Brad Bickley - 16.05
2.  Jeremy Deere - 16.06
3.  Captain Morgan
4.  Spencer
5.  Travis Cummings
6.  Ryan Twa
7.  Scott Jensen
8.  Jody Draude - 16.32
9.  Frank Woolstencroft - 16.58*
10.  Darcy Bell - 17.26
11.  Felix - 17.41**
12.  Jason Reed - 17.55
13.  Bob Banks - 18:00
14.  Kevin Lindland - 18:03
15.  Adam Kahtava - 18:19
16.  Ed Bickley - 18:54.

*Having done a half Ironman on Sunday (see that, Haddow?!)
**All the way from Ontario having done a hills session just before the race.