Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Moose Mountain Trail Races

Last weekend saw the Harriers take on Moose Mountain yet again, this time in the annual trail races which are an exceptionally well-run event.  There are three distances (42k, 29k and 16k) and the Harriers had representation in all three.

Adam Kahtava showed endurance beyond his locks with a fine second place finish in the marathon.  Adam was only minutes behind the winner and was catching him by the end.  Just another half mile...

In the 29k Jody Draude took the title with ease and in a super fast time (about 2:14 - we are waiting to see if it is a course record).  Jody was sporting a manly cut on his cheek at the end of the race - it looked like a shaving cut but he maintained it was as a result of a tumble down the hill at some point in the previous two hours.  Carl Pryce was not far behind in second place.

In the 16k Duncan Marsden overcame a monumental lack of fitness to retain his title.

Good running by all. 

Don't forget the BVH 5k on September 5.  Scott's buying the beers (honestly!) 

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