Thursday, August 19, 2010

BVH 5k Results

The third BVH 5k (now known as the second-highest-quality-5k-in-Western-Canada) took place last night. And no-one worked as hard as 4 year old Julia Penny. Julia spent all day making a trophy for the winner, then was official race starter and was also on the lead bike (at least, dragging behind the lead bike which her dad, Blaine, was cycling, on a third wheel). Part of the task of the lead cyclist is to ring the bike's bell incessantly to warn people in the park that they are about to get mown down by a group of fast guys. The bell was not necessary last night, however, as Julia's hysterical laughter at being dragged round the course at Deere/Carruthers speed (i.e very fast) had everyone forewarned well in advance. The lead group found it pretty entertaining too. "It was like being in a Mario Kart race" said one.

A hot day (28C at the start) attracted the crowds to see Pynten and Carruthers display their chests. But it was Jeremy Deere who stole the limelight this time around with a controlled display at the front to take the victory in 16.07. That's three different winners in all three races. Last night was made all the more challenging by the pedestrian dodging - Ed Bickley in particular had the misfortune of meeting one weaving cyclist in the home straight.

That said. I'll take the crowds and the heat over the cold any day.

Full results are below:

1. Jeremy Deere - 16.07
2. Andrew Carruthers - 16.14
3. Duncan Marsden - 16.37
4. Kyle Marcotte - 16.44
5. Frank Woolstencroft - 16.52
6. Jody Draude - 16.56
7. Darcy Bell - 17.06
8. Ryan Twa - 17.14
9. Mark Fewster - 17.56
10. Will Pynten - 18.00
11. Ed Bickley - 18.36
12. Stirling Tiessen - 18.38
13. Matt Wanford - 18.59
14. Bruce Dalton - 19.02

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