Sunday, May 27, 2012

Calgary Race Weekend

One of the worst things about being injured is missing out on race weekends like the one which just took place in Calgary.  Harriers were all over the place, especially near the front of the three main events - the 10k, the half and the full.  Results are not yet out but we have the following unofficial results:

Travis - 5th in the 10k in 33:20
Jeremy - 2nd in the half in 69:58
Frank - 3rd in the half (time unknown)
Scott - 5th in the half in 73 mins
Blaine - 6th in the full in 2:39
Darcy - 7th in the full in 2:41.

There were also a number of Harriers pacing Ed Bickley round to (another) sub 3 hour marathon.  "Just a training run"!

Good running everyone!  And well don to everyone who wore their MitoCanada vest with pride.


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