Thursday, April 7, 2011

BVH 5k Series - Race 1

Forget Salazar v. Beardsley.  We had Marsden v. Woolstencroft.

Under Starters' Orders
Last night saw the first of the BVH 5K races of the year.  Given the temperature and the fact that it is quite early in the year, we had a very good turn out.  We also had a number of firsts; our first female ever to run the 5K and our first Juniors ever to run the junior (4K) course.  More about that later.

The First Lap
The race set off at 7 PM sharp from under the Olympic arches in Eau Claire.  Our official starter, Julia Penny, nailed the order of Ready Steady Go and gave us the loudest GO ever.  The course always remains the same - 100 m out to the park, three loops and back to finish under the Olympic arches.  Yesterday, however, there were minor digging operations behind the river cafe and so the course was about 150 m short.

The race was pretty tight for the first lap or so but the main theme of of the race became clear pretty quickly; Marsden would push the lead and Woolstencroft would tail him like a cat ready to pounce.  These heavyweights (ahem) were never more than a metre apart the entire race (including in the "sprint" finish) but Marsden just got the better of Woolstencroft, this time. 
Swanson, Penny, Draude

By far the standout (and outstanding) performance of the night with that of third place Blaine Penny, looking resplendent in his new lightweight racing shoes.  Although the course was about 30 seconds quicker than normal, Blaine took a good 90 seconds off his previous best.  Rumours that the shoes have tested positive for anabolic steroids, have been denied.

Ben Pryce

In the female event, Lisa Harvey was in a league of her own.  Literally.  In the junior race (which runs three slightly shorter laps for a total of about 4k), Ben Pryce showed some serious speed (see the picture if you don't believe me) to finish 7th overall in 16.43.  His sister, Anna, ran a very creditable 18.22.  Carl Pryce finished with Anna and Carl was looking a little bit more out of breath than he should have...

Full results are set out below.  Remember, the times do not count for record purposes but the placings do count for the purposes of the summer series:

1.  Duncan Marsden  16.03
2.  Frank Woolstencroft  16.04
3.  Blaine Penny  16.14
Electronic Timing
4.  Scott Jensen  16.21
5.  Jody Draude  16.28
6.  Aaron Swanson  16.37
7.  Ben Pryce  16.43 (New Junior male course record)
8.  Travis Cummings  16.43
9.  Chris Hooper 17.04
10.  Bob Banks  17.20
11.  Mark Fewster  17.38
12.  Lisa Harvey 17.44
13.  Anna Pryce  18.22
14.  David Omahen  19.19.

These same races will take place on the first Wednesday of every month, throughout the summer.  Always starting and finishing at the Eau Claire Olympic arches.
Anna Pryce

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