Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Invitation to attend 2010 World Snowshoe Invitational Event during the Olympics in Vancouver

Hello to all our Mountain Running friends around the World.

My name is Mark Elmore. I serve as the Sports Director for the
United States Snowshoe Association (www.snowshoeracing.com) and the
Secretary of the International Amateur Snowshoe Racing Federation
(IASSRF - www.internationalsnowshoeracing.com). My reason for
contacting you is to inform you of a very important event coming up
February 27th, 2010 in Vancouver British Columbia Canada during
the 2010 Winter Olympics.It's the 10km World Snowshoe Invitational to be conducted on Mount Seymour. This is a very important event. We have been lobbying the
International Olympic Committee for over ten years for inclusion in
the Winter Olympic Program, thus far, to no avail. This event,
occurring the day before the Olympiads Closing Ceremonies, will enjoy
unprecedented media coverage by sports media from around the World.
Past Olympians will be there, supporting our efforts for Winter
inclusion. All that we need to send this event, and Sport, over the
top is a truly international field of athletes. I am working with the
two local event directors, Marc Cooney and Dave Howells
(www.theyeti.ca) to provide free accommodations to all incoming
international athletes. We will most likely be billeting athletes as
hotels are completely sold out due to the Olympics. I am prepared to
serve as a shuttle driver to ensure athletes get where they need to be
without having to rent a car, to further reduce expenses of travelers.
Prior snowshoe running experience is not needed. Bring an athlete or
two and we will provide snowshoes for you to race on. There is no
learning curve involved with snowshoe racing. If you can run, you can
snowshoe race. This is an extremely important event that we hope we
can entice you to attend. We are trying to secure a sizeable prize
purse, but at this time, we can not gaurantee that. What we can
gaurantee is that we will provide you a world class event, as
inexpensively as possible, in a City and region all geared up for the
2010 Olympics. I sincerely hope you will consider attending. Should
you have any questions, or need further information, please do not
hesitate to contact me. My contact information is below. Thank you for
considering this request and I hope to hear from each of you in the
near future. Any assistance you could lend us in promoting
international attendence to this important event would be greatly

Sincerely Yours on Snow,
Mark Elmore
Cell - 518-420-6961

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